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Dont drink the milk Teaser

Don't Drink the Milk

We rarely question the everyday stuff around us. But when you do – it gets very, very interesting. Join host Rachel Stewart, as she discovers the hidden histories of familiar things and their bumpy ride around the world.

Each episode, we hit the road to trace the weird, wild and wondrous backstories of things we all think we know well – be it an object, a word or a movement. Linking cultural nuggets and events from the past to current debates, we explore how these things made their way around the world – by force, by chance or by choice.

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Podcast host Rachel Stewart in the studio
Image: Cem Springer/DW

The Host 

As the host of DW's hugely popular YouTube show "Meet the Germans," Rachel Stewart reached millions of viewers worldwide with her unique presentation of German culture, history and people. Now, Rachel's knack for packaging facts and information into entertaining, personal stories comes to your earbuds, as she ventures further afield in search of juicy stories that link the past with the present, and Europe with the world. 

The Team 

Rachel is joined by a team of experienced producers including Sam Baker, Charli Shield, and Chris Caurla, who help her tell the quirky and eyebrow-raising stories of each episode.

Join us every other Tuesday for a new episode of Don't Drink the Milk.

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