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Live TV — DW English

Live TV — DW English

In Good Shape — What is it like to live with a disability?

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May 29, 2023
02:30 UTC
In Good ShapeWhat is it like to live with a disability?
More than one billion people in the world have a disability. They might, for example, use a wheelchair, have a visual impairment or learning difficulties. In this edition of In Good Shape we hear from people responding to those challenges.
03:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
03:15 UTC
Sports LifeBreaking at the 2024 Paris Olympics
Jilou Rasul is one of Germany’s best breakers. For her, breaking is a perfect mix of musicality and athleticism. Headspins and backflips are part of her daily training. As a tough woman, she has been able to assert herself in this male-dominated sport. What's the key to a successful break battle? And how will things change for her once breaking becomes an Olympic sport for the first time in 2024?
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