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Tiny House Concerts: Episode 5

September 30, 2023

A fresh take on classical music: Steven Walter, artistic director of the Beethovenfest Bonn, invites young stars to talk shop, cook and make music. Episode 5: Soprano Anna-Lena Elbert on stage presence.


The art of singing a song

Steven Walter's Tiny House
Image: Michael Staab

This five-episode series features artistic director of the Beethovenfest Bonn, Steven Walter, multidisciplinary artist Coco Elane and rising stars of the European classical music scene. Walter and Elane host internationally acclaimed musicians at Walter’s Tiny House in the Bonn countryside to talk shop and make music.

Soprano Anna-Lena Elbert
Image: Michael Staab


Episode 5 features guest Anna-Lena Elbert. In the Tiny House, the award-winning soprano tells how she learned to become a "Rampensau" or limelight hog. And about her love of song across the centuries - including a live performance: from the catchy tunes of the Renaissance to new music with Dadaist lyrics.

The Tiny House series features a young generation of artists talking about their experiences in the classical music world, performing their favorite pieces and discussing their favorite recipes. It’s part talk show, part cooking show and part intimate private concert.

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About the show

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