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A melting pot of music and cultures at Beethovenfest Bonn

October 7, 2023

Young Afghan musicians who fled the Taliban, plus Iranians and Germans come together in a musical exchange. Music beyond borders — that's the Campus project of Beethovenfest Bonn 2023.


The Power of Shared Music

Afghanistan | National Institute of Music in Kabul | Taliban
Image: DW

In August 2021, the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan. They banned music, persecuted musicians, burned their instruments, and shut down the famous Afghanistan National Institute of Music in Kabul, which was truly a pulsating center. Some budding musicians from the former Institute found inspiration last spring in the Portuguese city of Braga, where they met with young German and Iranian musicians for a workshop.

Beethovenfest Bonn | Cymin Samawatie
Image: DW

Under the guidance of conductor and composer Cymin Samawatie, they improvised together and developed friendships. Music beyond all borders - made possible by the Campus project of the Beethovenfest Bonn.



Beethovenfest Bonn | Junge Musiker und Musikerinnen aus Afghanistan
Image: DW

Their big concert in Bonn has just taken place - in an evening of extraordinary sounds, including improvisation, composition, music and words: "Freedom is your voice" - the words of Afghan poet Mariam Meetra express hope for a free Afghanistan in the future.

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About the show

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