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Seville Tourism: Not so picturesque for residents

November 8, 2023

Seville in Southern Spain is very popular with tourists, with its rich history, stunning architecture, great food and the flamenco music that was born here. But not everyone reaps the economic benefits the three million annual visitors bring to town. There is a stark gulf between rich and poor.


A tale of two cities: Rich and Poor in Seville 

Many of the city’s traditional Andalusian houses, with beautifully tiled courtyards, have been turned into tourist accommodations. But that also means that of the nearly 700,000 Sevillanos, just a tiny fraction can afford to live in the old town.
The city’s unemployment rate is far above the national average, and there’s a huge gulf between the rich and poor.  
And while the tourists enjoy the picturesque alleys, the historic taverns and their flamenco-shows, many of those who keep this ancient tradition alive are forced to live in the poorest parts of town. 
What’s life like for them? Andreas Boueke traveled to Seville to explore the dichotomies of this vibrant city. The presenter is Neil King.
Author: Andreas Boueke 
Presenter: Neil King  

World's longest escalators in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is a very hilly place spread across many islands. On the main island, there's a particularly steep climb from the sea up to Victoria Peak at 550m.
Between the city center below and the peak, there's a popular residential area called Mid Hill, or Mid levels, with a crawl of houses and skyscrapers. People have spectacular views from up here,  but it takes a lot of effort to climb to these heights on foot, even more so during the hot and humid summers.  
But there's an easier alternative: you can take the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world.

Reporter: Benjamin Eyssel
Presenter: Evelyn McClafferty  


Anke Rasper
Anke Rasper Anke is a senior editor with DW's environment team.
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