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Sertan Sanderson Moderation

Sertan Sanderson

DW journalist & human who seeks to make sense of the world and understand what truly motivates other humans, using the powerful tools of journalism

From Turkey to Germany by way of Texas, London and Cape Town, Sertan appears to be unable to sit still — much to the dismay or pleasure of his editors, depending on what stories he's pitching (and in what language).

Coming to terms with the fact that the only Broadway he ever might see if he were pursue a career as a performer might be in Ealing or Tooting, he chose to study journalism at CITY University, University of London instead. 

For years, he worked as a freelance broadcast reporter, covering everything from Hurricane Katrina in the US to Oscar Pistorius standing in front of his toilet door in Pretoria. During this time, his bylines started to appear in The Guardian, The Citizen, The South African, and also in a little dissertation he wrote at the University of Buckingham.

Realizing that racking up air miles as a roving reporter was nowhere near as glamorous as it had sounded, Sertan came to DW, where he started to primarily focus on stories from the African continent, in particular sharing narratives built around one of the biggest issues of our age: migration.

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