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Rachel Baig
Image: Ayse Tasci/DW

Rachel Baig

Editor and presenter in DW's fact-checking team, media trainer

Rachel Baig is a journalist and media trainer at DW and DW Akademie, mainly in the news team. She is a founding member of DW's fact-checking team and presents the fact-checking format for YouTube in English.

Using OSINT tools and methods of forensic analysis, Rachel reports about mis- and disinformation, as well as propaganda. She is also a media trainer for fact-checking and verification tools within DW and works as trainer with the DW Akademie. With her verification and research skills she has helped fact-checking groups in Pakistan, Namibia, Ethiopia, and Mongolia get off the ground through fact-checking trainings.

She began her traineeship at DW in 2011 and works as an editor and author for DW. She studied English Linguistics and Cultural Studies with a focus on Postcolonial Studies in Paderborn and La Laguna.

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