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EP08 - Potemkin Villages

Nicolas Martin | Andreas Becker
March 2, 2023

It's time to finally meet the man who's willing to lift the veil on the JuicyFields mystery. We meet in Helsinki, close to the Russian border. And what he tells us blows our minds. This is our final installment - for now. The JuicyFields story is far from over. Hosts: Nicolas Martin and Andreas Becker Feedback: cannabiscowboys@dw.com

Becker Andreas Kommentarbild App
Andreas Becker Business editor with a focus on world trade, monetary policy and globalization.
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About the show

Cannabis Cowboys Podcast Teaser

Cannabis Cowboys

Thousands of investors worldwide are now victims of JuicyFields – a scheme involving cannabis and crowdfunding. Who's behind it? What's the total damage? In this true crime investigation, DW tries to unravel the truth.