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EP06 - Juicy Nobility (beeped)

Andreas Becker | Nicolas Martin
February 16, 2023

We take a look at one of the two tribes at war within JuicyFields. We travel to areas that smell of money, visit a castle, and are blinded by the allure of status and old money. We even considered taking an etiquette class. But as always with JuicyFields, all is not what it seemed to be. Hosts: Nicolas Martin and Andreas Becker New episodes every Thursday Feedback: cannabiscowboys@dw.com

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About the show

Cannabis Cowboys Podcast Teaser

Cannabis Cowboys

Thousands of investors worldwide are now victims of JuicyFields – a scheme involving cannabis and crowdfunding. Who's behind it? What's the total damage? In this true crime investigation, DW tries to unravel the truth.