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Diabetes cases on the rise globally: How poor people cope

November 15, 2023

Diabetes is an increasing health concern globally. More than half a billion people already suffer from it, and their number is on the rise - many of them in low and middle income countries. Pharmaceutical companies have increased the price for insulin in many countries, which makes it even harder for patients with lower incomes to get treatment.


Patients are at risk to suffer from many related health problems, including strokes, kidney failure, blindness or even death.

Many people don't have access to proper healthcare - And for poor patients, it's even harder to get treatement - and their risk to become diabetic is often very high, because unhealthy food and constant stess increases the risk. 

But there are some signs of hope as well, as our reporter discovered when talking to health practicioners and patients from South Africa, Mali, Haiti and Germany, 

Reporter: Toni Neumann
Presenter: Neil King 

For more information on diabetes you can contact: 

International Diabetes Federation https://idf.org/

T1 International Diabetes help    https://www.t1international.com/FAQ/

Haiti Foundation of Diabetes and Caridovascular Disease: https://fhadimac.org/index.php/en

Santé Diabète (Mali) https://santediabete.org/

Anke Rasper
Anke Rasper Anke is a senior editor with DW's environment team.
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