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The 77 Percent — The Magazine for Africa's Youth

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20 de fevereiro de 2024
22:30 UTC
The 77 PercentThe Magazine for Africa's Youth
This week, we explore Africa’s political outlook. We find a pair of Congolese rappers whose lyrics about economic hardship strike a chord. Our spirited Street Debate focuses on young Liberians, where political disillusionment has replaced hope. We meet young South Africans ready to fight for their democracy. Finally, singer Ivy Dullo shows us around her city Kisumu in Kenya.
23:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
23:15 UTC
InterviewInterview with Friedrich Merz (CDU)
The head of the opposition in the German parliament, Friedrich Merz (CDU) in an interview with DW’s Michaela Küfner at the Munich Security Conference