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Israel - Life after the terror attacks

November 27, 2023

The terrorist attacks by Hamas transformed life in Israel overnight. How are people coping? Amid war between Israel and Hamas and escalating tensions across the Middle East, we meet people whose everyday lives are now marked by fear and suffering.


British-Israeli curator and artist Sofie Berzon MacKie was in the Be'eri kibbutz when Hamas attacked. She hid with her children while others from her community were killed just meters away. Ori Szternfeld is an Israeli filmmaker whose wife is pregnant. Right now, their feelings fluctuate between excitement about the baby they’re expecting very soon, and uncertainty about the world they’re bringing it into. Surfing4Peace founder Arthur Rashkovan and singer Omer Moskovich are undeterred by the fear and instability in their country and refuse to give up hope.

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About the show

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