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Invictus Games: Recovery Through Sport

Florian Nusch
September 23, 2023

War left Assa Ender missing a leg. Frank Lindenbeck suffered trauma on a mission in Afghanistan. They say the Invictus Games are like therapy.


This year Germany is hosting the Invictus Games: the international sporting event for soldiers, police and firefighters disabled in the line of duty. More than 500 veterans from 21 countries are competing in 10 disciplines. Athletes from Israel are taking part for the first time in 2023. One of them is Assa Ender. The former paratrooper lost the lower part of his left leg after being wounded during a mission. Now, at age 52, he's vying for a medal in archery. Sitting volleyball player Frank Lindenbeck was traumatized by the death, suffering and devastation he witnessed while serving on a mission in Afghanistan. Once back in Germany, the German federal police officer was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. But now, like Assa Ender, he's managed to find his way back into life through sports.

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